• Evie Barrow

Picture Book Sculpture Art

How incredible is this? A ceramic book sculpture of Horatio Squeak! This was made by local Melbourne artist, Kenny Pittock who totally floored me with it at my new picture book launch back in February - a lifetime ago now when book launches were still a thing - and got me to sign it.

What an incredible surprise! One of my favourite local artists made a sculpture of our book! Still pinching myself. Thanks, Kenny!

And when exhibitions are a thing again, if Kenny has one that includes this sculpture we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, if you want the real book, there are a few still available online here. Plus we have free Horatio Squeak download activities to enjoy here.

x Evie

Horatio Squeak is published by Walker Books Australia 2019    |     Text © 2019 Karen Foxlee    |     Illustrations © 2019 Evie Barrow